Certain things to bear in mind before opting for a home loan

Certain things to bear in mind before opting for a home loan
Certain things to bear in mind before opting for a home loan

Each of us wants a home of our own. In today’s world, dream to purchase a home becomes a reality with the growing number of home loans available in the market. However, the prospective buyers have to think twice before indulging into home loans. Though getting a home loan is not so difficult because of a number of players available in the market. The borrower must have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the loan sanctioning authority and in particular one must ensure that there is no hidden ambiguous clause that may adversely affect the loan borrower. It is also advisable to obtain a recommendation from financial experts who deal with such matters.

Certain things to bear in mind before opting for a home loan
Certain things to bear in mind before opting for a home loan

Things to pay attention while opting for a home loan:


To clear any doubts, one should opt for extensive research, which is the vital thing in terms of getting a home loan.  Different banks with attractive schemes and comparatively low-interest rates are always targeting the buyers. So it is recommended that authentic information may be collected from all relevant sources before you decide on the loan.

Tenure of the loans and EMIs

Dealing with the home loan is not an easy task; one should keep aside the emotional factor while selecting the house. Here realistic assessment to repay the loan must be kept in mind since long-term involvement is attached to it. Besides, one needs to think about other unforeseen contingencies which will be involved throughout.

Approved loan and eligibility

Buyer must make sure that the loan is sanctioned at the right time, thus not hampering booking procedure of the home. The credit score of the buyer should be strong enough so that the application is easily accepted by the bank.

Floating vs. Fixed

In home loans, the rate of interest is the key essential aspect. One should take a wise decision whether to select a floating or fixed interest rate. Fixed rate denotes that the rate of interest will remain constant during the time period stated by the bank as per the loan agreement, which may revise afterwards. In contrast, floating rates are actually tied up with the base rates of the central bank. Comprehension knowledge is very much required here for deciding the choice.


The last, not the least is getting your home loan insured. This will benefit in terms of any mishap if by chance happens. Full assistance will be provided by the insurance company to the buyer in case there is a sudden death of the primary loan applicant. The company will provide support in paying the outstanding amount.

Keep these pointers in mind for a hassle free home loan process.

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