What to advise first-time property buyers

What to advise first-time property buyers
What to advise first-time property buyers

Dealing with first-time property buyers is exciting and a good learning experience for real estate agents but is at the same time an exhilarating process. Unlike your other clientele, it is a life-altering step for them, whether they are looking for a home or making their first investment. It is an emotional process and with all the emotion involved they may miss out on the bigger picture and end up regretting a hasty emotional decision for the rest of their lives.  So, it just has to go right.

But how will they know what to do and what not to?

Here are some steps for a real estate agent or advisor by which they can help the buyers to make the right decision for themselves.

What to advise first-time property buyers
What to advise first-time property buyers

#1 Know what they are looking for

Your client may be interested in buying a home, or making the first big investment, whatever the case may be it is absolutely crucial that they not only know but are also absolutely sure about what they want. Tell them to not hasten and rush to a decision unless they’ve considered all the pros and cons.

#2 Set reasonable expectations

One mistake that all excited first-time property buyers are bound to make is set up unreasonably high expectations. Many make the mistake of solely relying on online sales and they don’t put in any effort to pay a visit to the property in consideration and locality themselves. They need to at least give two to three days.

#3 Do a budget check

Despite all the planning that goes behind such decisions and setting up of budgets, first-time buyers are vulnerable to making the mistake of going over the budget. They need to be given a reality check that overextending might not be the best possible course of action and even if they are willing to go over the budget, it might not be worth it. They may be even willing to ignore the maintenance cost that comes along.

#4 Get acquainted with local market trends

Self-help is the best help. The newbies to property need to also make an effort towards educating themselves on the local market trends and get fully acquainted with the neighborhood of choice before coming to decisions. Also, they should make the best use of and gain complete knowledge on available loans, incentives and finances.

#5 Get the best of an agent

First-time property buyers usually don’t do their homework on the background check of their agent or the firm. They should look for a local area expert as they know more about the area than any other individual.

They need to have faith in their agent and the firms’ ability to actualize their dreams if they want to see results.

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